Thursday, June 20, 2013

The wait is over Whole Foods Market Oxnard opened June 19th @WFMOxnard

On Monday, June 17th,  my mom, brother and I attended the Whole Foods Market, Oxnard Grand Opening.   I was excited when we were directed to pick a plate and fork as we walked around the store to taste selected foods. We love food!  We picked up the plate and fork with no hesitation.  Straight ahead of us was a station that had toasted Sesame Kale Sushi Rolls, which we were thrilled to see, because sushi is one of our top foods to eat. But, I was somewhat hesitant to try it because not everyone can make sushi.  We've tried buying sushi from markets on several occasions, and were very disappointed with the poor quality.  Despite my reservations, I tried it anyway, and loved it!  To top it off they paired it with a sesame ginger dressing. It was so good, my bother went back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Toasted Sesame Kale Sushi Rolls

Mini Salmon Burger Sliders
We then made our way to the section with Mini Salmon Burger Sliders.  These were to die for!  I don't eat meats such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc. but I do eat seafood.  I love seafood, so when I saw this section I could not wait.  I nearly ran towards the Mini Slider table.  They were cooked just right, not too well done but not undercooked.  I have to admit, my mom and I did have seconds.  Another plus was you can buy them out of the frozen section, which is in my league since I haven't yet perfected my skills in the kitchen. 

Grass Fed BBQ Beef Sliders

Often times it is hard to find a great food selection for everyone, especially vegetarian.  What I loved most about the Whole Foods Grand Opening was they had food for everyone.  I was disappointed when I saw a section with beef sliders because with all of the tasting  I wanted to try everything.   My brother tried them, mind you he doesn't eat beef or pork, and loved them. I think Whole Foods just might bring my brother to the beef side. Although, I am not a big fan of meats, I was pleased to find out all their meats are organic and 100% grass-fed.

Point Reyes Blues
There were many other options to choose from; such as the olive bar, cheese bar, and sushi bar. We tasted the salmon avocado roll and crab roll. All rolls had an option of brown or white rice, and of course my brother took it upon himself to decrease his indecisiveness of which roll to get by just getting all of them. I chose the white rice, and definitely was not disappointed. The roll seemed to have melted in my mouth. As we walked a little further there was a section known as the Bar Rincon with a crowd of people laughing and enjoying themselves. The Bar Rincon is a bar/restaurant where people can go to relax, order from the selection of over 24 crafted beers, wine selection, or the extensive food menu.
While my mother continued to enjoy the store my brother and I sat in the lounge area for a while and had a great time listening to music and eating our last round of foods we had left to sample. 

Ok...Whole Foods you did an amazing job with your Oxnard store, you may want to consider bringing one to our neighborhood with all of the bells and whistles like this.  I know my family would appreciate it.   


  1. You are so lucky to have a Whole Foods close to you...I have to plan ahead and take a big cooler when I am going to be working in an area with a Whole Foods. They do have great meat and seafood.

    1. We were just at Whole Foods today. Eight miles from our home, but we wish it was down the street. You are right about the great meat and seafood. We tried shopping while hungry, we opted to prepared foods section and ordered food and ate it there and then we were to stuffed to shop.

  2. Good recap! Welcome to the dark side.... :) I love Whole Foods even if they're sometimes more expensive. I know that most of their food is good for me.

    1. I agree with you about the prices. Thanks for the welcome!

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