Sunday, September 1, 2013

We ate so much at the L.A. County Fair Media Preview

We are still stuffed from tasting some of the food that will be ate the L.A. County Fair Media Preview.   We were working looking forward to taste all of the fair food, because it is not often we give ourselves a reason to over indulge.  

Although the fair offers many great attractions, we believe eating is the best part of the fair.

We tried everything we could get our hands on.  The voice of reason went out the door as soon as we saw the food court.  We did not know what to try first. 

Chicken Charlie was the first stop.  I, (Keiunta) ate the chicken kabob and Ari had a fried Twinky with strawberry drizzle. Thank goodness Twinky's are back!!!  I did go back later.  I could not resist,  mine was topped with chocolate. And boy was it tasty.

After Chicken Charlie's we knew would have to pace ourselves.  How were we going to take in all of this wonderful food?

As we approached the different booths Ari thought her eating would be limited since she is a vegetarian.  She was so wrong.  She happily found her way over to Tasti Chips.  Tasti Chips has gluten-free healthy chips.  They use fresh California grown potatoes and 100% pure allergen free peanut oil.  Each basket is hand-stirred and cooked to perfection.

Now we do not drink alcohol, but I made my way over to the Skinnygirl Bar and Food.  I did not see any food.  I told the young lady I do not drink and she told me about an apple cider. I asked for that.  When I tasted it, it tasted like there was alcohol in it  After a while she tells me there is 5% alcohol in it.  So be careful all you non drinkers. 

Ari and I decided to split up.  She discovered Fresh Fries.  They have freshly baked French fries with a variety of dips and sauces for a tasty vegetarian treat.  When I saw she was over there I thought I saw a chocolate sundae on the board.  I was wrong.  It was a brisket sundae.  We had never heard of it and were not going to try it.  But for all of the meat lovers out there, it is made with fluffy mashed potatoes, BBQ beef brisket and a cherry tomato on top.

You know we cannot go anywhere without leaving the little man.  He was hooked on Cornucopia CafĂ©.  They had fruit smoothies, pretzels, churros, and cinnamon rolls.  Our table was directly in front of their booth, so it was easy for him to walk up  and order.  He was only allowed to order from places I could keep an eye on him.  They also had gourmet espresso, iced coffees, beer and wine.  He was not allowed to order those items.

While I was taking a food break.  I overheard Ari talking about a Nutella and bacon pizza.  She was thinking of ordering one without the bacon.  I turned around and she was eating some type of veggie pizza on sourdough and my son had a pepperoni pizza.  I headed over to the long 10-pound Buns line and placed my order for a bbq chicken pizza.  

Now I was excited to see Harold & Belle's to Geaux.  I grew up eating their food.  I was just at their restaurant last month with my Godfather having lunch.    Either in the restaurant or at the fair.  The food is still good!  If you have not had good New Orleans cuisine that is served in style you have to stop by Harold & Belle's.

I am not sure who had Monster Dogs.  I just think it made it's way to our table.  Monster Dogs is a Fair classic.  They have larger than life corn dogs fried to a crispy golden brown.

As you can see we ate a lot of food.  We were out of control, but that is how you are supposed to be at the fair.  Right???

The L.A County Fair is from August 30th-September 29 2013.  Besides food this years Fair brings together underwater and animal adventures that rivals those in San Diego, animation workshops and Enterprise exhibitions straight from Hollywood, wine tasting experiences from Napa Valley, rides and entertainment greater than any other carnival and food experiences unlike any other.

We have been telling everyone about our food tasting experience and with that said, everyone we have spoken to plans on going to the fair. 

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