Thursday, September 25, 2014

Craft Coffee Review - Coffee Services

It was fun figuring out our coffee DNA.  Yes, there is a such thing as coffee DNA.  Ari and I  sat down about a month ago and found her coffee DNA with Craft Coffee.

Ari was best at sampling this because, she drinks more coffee than I do and is always looking for great new flavors and blends.  Craft Coffee has recently launched the Coffee DNA Project — a revolutionary customized coffee subscription service powered by your taste buds.

Through extensive research, science, and technology, Craft Coffee found that when it comes to coffee, people want two things – experience and convenience. With just a 30 second survey about your coffee preferences and habits, they deliver hand-roasted coffees right to your doorstep on your schedule. Great for coffee drinkers who simply need a pick me up to those who love to savor it, Craft Coffee offers freshly roasted coffees that are guaranteed to fit your personal price range and preferential coffee treatment. Craft Coffee also stands out as the only service on the market that tailors their coffee services to each drinker individually, and boasts a convenient delivery schedule that arrives whenever you need it there.

We really liked the survey experience and then finding out what Craft Coffee came up with was even more fun.  We did make one mistake, we asked for whole bean.  We do not have a grinder,  so we  had to go out to and have someone grind it.   Do not make the same mistake we made.

The coffee came in very detailed packaging, that provided the roaster, date roasted, producer, origin, elevation, process and their notes that described the flavor of the coffee.  

The coffee smelled very fresh and continues to.  Ari does drink a lot of fresh coffee.  Craft Coffee is fresh, it does not seem as strong as other blends.  It was prepared in our stem brewer, we wanted to make sure all of the flavor would come through, nice and smooth.

It was nice having the coffee delivered to the door.  Ari has enough coffee to last her a while.  Craft Coffee is generous with their coffee.  This girl definitely needs it for her all nighters and it helps with her busy schedule.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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