Monday, October 6, 2014

Better Breakfast Month - Ideal Healthy Breakfast

Just this morning I was getting on Ari about her food choices.  We are training for the Spartan Race and she is not making the best food choices, lately.  I do not want to tell you what she ate, but I cannot wait for her to read this post.  We are always looking for healthier food options for breakfast, but I know it is not always easy.  In honor of Better Breakfast Month, here are breakfast ideas.  Better Breakfast month is year around, in our house.

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket: One egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids so naturally, they're a great option for breakfast. Instead of cracking one in the middle of a fried piece of white bread, bake your egg in ½ of an avocado and you get the added heart-healthy fatty acids with a punch of omega-3

Cut the calories in your morning indulgence: Hoping to wake up and celebrate with a morning cocktail? Save your calories for the delicious food you're about to eat by swapping out your mimosa for a low-cal, low-alcohol option like FriendsFun Wine's flavored Moscatos. Only 75 calories as compared to a mimosa which has anywhere from 140-150!

I do not drink, but I sampled Friends Moscato and it was very lite and tasty.  It did quench my thirst. It was not too strong.  I decided to drink it late one night, after going to Queen Mary Dark Harbor.  I was so frightened I needed a drink.  Let me tell you I slept like a baby and I was not concerned about extra calories.

Get your sugar fix the natural way: While a bowl of fruit and a bowl of fruit-flavored cereal are both high in sugar, a bowl of fruit is packed with added health benefits such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, something those artificially colored cereals are seriously lacking

I guess Ari and I have something right.  We both do not like to eat fruit, but we are quick to juice it or make a smoothie.   Almost every morning we have a fruit smoothie.  Like I said, almost every morning, because someone did eat something that was worse than cereal, fruit or a smoothie.  

Have your cake and eat it too: You don't have to feel guilty after eating a short stack of some home-made flap jacks. Instead of using white flour, and topping your pancakes with sugar and a few slabs of butter, use whole wheat flour and finish with fresh fruit. You'll be getting a great source of fiber and B-vitamins from the whole grains!

We have never had gluten free pancakes, but we are definitely open to it.  Just the other day we made gluten free brownies and they were very tasty.

So you see, there are many options available, that are very delicious and feeling.  It is not hard to adjust to this lifestyle and it is okay if you cheat every now and then.  That is including Ari also.  

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