Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Jennie-O Turkey-Although summer is over, our family is still grilling with Jennie-O Turkey Burgers.  Jennie-O is a staple in our home, with a variety of turkey burger options we are always pleased.  This past summer Jennie-O introduced Jalapeno Jack, Seasoned Turkey Breast Steak and Turkey Breast.

These new grilling products address consumers’ evolving cooking preferences. In order to eat more nutritiously, 90 percent of Americans are choosing lean cuts of meat, while 82 percent are limiting second helpings. Consumers are also adding more flavor to their meats, with 85 percent preparing marinated meats and poultry on a regular basis, according to The Power of Meat survey by the American Meat Institute and the Food Marketing Institute. Marinated meats and poultry also fit with the increased popularity of highly flavorful foods, including ethnic dishes using a variety of seasonings.  This suits our family very well.  Although, we have one vegetarian in the household, the rest of us eat very lean.  Eating lean does not mean you are not eating good.

Turkey Breast Steaks: A Delicious New Twist on Grilled Steak

Now it’s easy to enjoy a lean steak hot off the grill with two new turkey options. JENNIE-O® Turkey Breast Steak is packaged ready to cook, or it can be marinated prior to cooking. For those who prefer pre-seasoned meat, Jennie-O offers Seasoned Turkey Breast Steak featuring a delicious garlic and red pepper spice blend. The turkey breast steaks are available at retailers nationwide in sizes of 16 to 24 ounces for an average suggested retail price of $7.99.
Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burgers: A Spicy Grilled Turkey Treat 

Addressing the popularity of Southwest cuisine, Jennie-O introduces an all-white-meat turkey burger patty featuring jalapeño seasoning and Monterey Jack cheese for a savory taste. Each 1/3-pound burger is individually vacuum-sealed for freshness. The burgers are sold in packages of six at a suggested retail price of $9.99. The product is available at retail locations nationwide.

Over the years we have never been disappointed by the Jennie-O brand.  Not many brands offer great seasoning and spices as if we seasoned the meat ourselves.  In past years we have always purchased the unseasoned meat, but one hurried day we had to turn to the seasoned meat and the rest is history.  Although, it works well for busy schedules all of the seasoned Jennie-O meats taste really good.  Words cannot describe how good it tastes. 

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  1. I have not tried any of the new products, but I have tried some of the other products.

  2. Have tried any of the new Jennie-O products?


  3. Yes and they're as good as the older ones are!

  4. No, have not tried yet but will do so soon

  5. No, I have yet to try any of the new ones!

  6. I'm a big fan of Jennie-O. I love the turkey bacon!

  7. Never tried their new products but love their Turkey Bacon!

  8. I've tried Jennie-O's Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers. They are delicious and so convenient to prepare.

  9. I have not tried the new items, but am a long time Jenny-O fan.