Friday, August 2, 2013

Daphne's Greek Cafe adds Flavors of Daphne's Mini Pita trio to summer menu

We have been big fan's of Daphne's California Greek Café.   We were invited to an awesome event at Daphne's Burbank.  As we prepare this post we have plans of visiting Daphne's over the weekend, mind you we had dinner there last night, need we say more.

Keiunta:  I can remember being exposed to Greek cuisine going into my senior in college (1993) and feel in love with Gyros and seasoned rice pilaf.   Although, Daphne's Greek Café was in existence in 1990 I had did not hear about it until years later and the rest is history.

Daphne's is in a league all their own.  I do not think of Daphne's as regular fast food.  Daphne's is a restaurant I do not mind taking my family to when we want something quick.

When we arrived at the event, Ari and I already had our hearts set on the hummus and pita.  Have you ever tried there hummas and pita????  Let's just say YUMMY!!!!  I should not admit this but we took some home.  Oh my goodness.  Well, the event was not just about their hummus, we were introduced to, Flavors of Daphne's Mini Pita Trio that will be on the summer menu for a limited time at $6.59. The trio consist of:
  • One Greek Mini Pita, a Greek-style sandwich with savory gyros, red onion and tangy tzatziki sauce
  • One Cali-Greek Mini Pita, which combines both flavor profiles into one pita sandwich.  This mini-pita includes grilled chicken, Daphne's sauce, salsa, Fresca, feta cheese and Kalamata olives
  • One California Mini-Pita, another pita sandwich with a California flair featuring grilled chicken, Jalapeno bacon and guacamole topped with salsa Fresca. 
Okay...they are calling these pitas mini, but lets just say I had to take my food home.   I have to mention, the staff at Daphne's were very accommodating.  I do not eat beef or pork, so I had chicken.  My eight year old, son tagged along and he only wanted to eat pizza and enjoy the flavored fountain drinks (the carbonated drinks were a treat for him). 

We had a wonderful time and left there with full bellies. 

Ari: I definitely enjoyed myself at the event and left with a smile on my face and a happy stomach. Being that my mom has been a fan of Greek food since 1993, I was exposed to it at a very young age. I have always loved Greek food, but when I decided to become a vegetarian I know longer could eat my favorite meat dishes. Although my favorites were taken out of my diet, I loved Greek food so much that I figured I could navigate around the meats and still be able to enjoy a great Greek meal.

Since becoming a vegetarian I had not yet been to Daphne's Greek Café, but had been to other Greek restaurants and ordered the falafel as a substitution for the meat. But, after numerous occasions of trying to substitute for a falafel I decided I wasn't a big fan of falafel's. Being that, the places I had tried them at didn't prepare them to my liking. They always seemed to be so dry, and I could barely get my food down my throat without downing some water.

 When I was told I could substitute my meat with the falafel inside of Daphne's Mini Pita Trio I was quite hesitant, but I figured why not try one last time. I am so happy I went for it, because I was pleasantly surprised! I absolutely loved it, not only did it not feel like I was swallowing a pita full of sand, but they taste delicious with the tangy tzatziki sauce.

Not only were the Mini Pita Trio's fabulous, the hummus and pita were AMAZING. I hate to admit, that not only did I ask for seconds of the pita, I got thirds along with a side of humus to take home. The warm pita bread combined with the hummus literally melted in my mouth.  To make matters even worse for trying to achieve my summer body I got to take home dessert! Just like everything else, the dessert was to die for. We were given the Baklava and Caramel Pecan deserts. Also like the hummus, they both seemed to just melt in my mouth.

I left Daphne's so full, but definitely worth the extra calories.

Disclosure:  Product/Compensation were received in exchange for review.  All opinions are our own.


  1. I love the mini trios. Such a wonderful combination of blends, and I always walk away full after. And can't beat the price at 6.59 =)

    Great write up!

    1. Glad to hear you have tried them. Love the price and the combination of blends. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The new trio is such a good deal. The price point for what you actually get is great. I love their falafel. I've also had my share of falafels at other Greek restaurants, though none of them have been too bad, but Daphne's is quite good.

  3. that looks goooood! i love their rustic greek pizza.

  4. I have heard of Daphne's but have not been brave enough to try it. Thanks for this great post. I am definitely going to check it out now.

  5. I did all chicken too. But they were still so good weren't they? My son only wanted the chips and dips. Adorable video! :)

    1. That is too cute, chips and dips. Glad you liked the video.