Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Colman's Mustard Review-@ColmansMustard1

Colmam's Mustard-Over the years we have not been very creative with using mustard.  Our knowledge with mustard recipes have been limited.  We stepped out of our comfort zone when we received Colman's Mustard to review.

We wanted to use Colman's mustard as more than a condiment.  We decided to try it on one of our favorite fish, salmon.  Our family loves to eat salmon that taste sweet, but sometimes we would like a little hint of spice.  We made salmon with a brown sugar glaze.  We do not have an exact recipe, but we used the following ingredients: Salmon,  Colman's dry mustard, brown sugar and very light seasonings.  We did not use too much mustard, just enough to give it a little kick.  It was delicious.  We all enjoyed.  This is the little guy was a little concerned about us making a new sweet sauce, but he enjoyed.  Colman's received a thumbs up from him on this recipe.  Even the eight year old likes it. 

This was the beginning of not being so limited with using mustard.  Of course we will use it as a condiment, but the dry mustard has opened our eyes to new recipes.

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