Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Food @JohnnyRockets #ShakeMonth Event- Fall Candy M&M Candy Shake

M&M Candy Shake

Johnny Rockets, Melrose- Shake it up baby!!!  We had a great time at the Johnny Rockets Shake Month Event.   Food, dancing, and more food.

This month Johnny Rockets featured shake is the M&M Candy Shake.  We were able to sample the shake before it was available today, September 16th.  Like all of Johnny Rocket's shakes, this shake is made with Johnny Rocket's ice cream and they have added M&M's.    Can you imagine, if we could get our hands on Johnny Rockets special ice cream???  Hey Johnny, we have a new business venture for you.  Back to the M&M shake, we do not have to tell you, if you have ever had a Johnny Rockets milk shake, "It was soooooo good!"

Nothing beats having a Johnny Rockets milkshake with burgers, fries and onion rings.  Yes,  we did!!!  The veggie burger, turkey burger and chicken sandwich did not disappoint.  Nothing is better than a burger on the perfect bun and all of the right condiments.   For years we have been wondering where does Johnny Rockets get their buns.  There is a consensus we like everything we have ever eaten at Johnny Rockets.

Although, we were there to try the shake of the month and all of the other food.  We did get a chance to shake it up, literally.   Lessons were given for the Johnny Rockets dance.  We brought the little guy and he did not mind partying.  He learned the dance while wearing his Johnny Rockets hat and glasses. 

There was a whole lot a shackin going on. 

We had a great time and enjoyed the food.  Make sure you head over to your local Johnny Rockets and try the Fall Candy M&M Candy Shake. 

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